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Did you sign up for a consultation with us? It is very important that the first acquaintance and subsequent treatment will be as comfortable as possible for the child. To do this, we will tell you how the first visit to our clinic will look like and give recommendations on how to prepare for it (recommendations for parents)

If the child is small or just anxious, the first visit is necessary in order to adapt to the new environment, get acquainted with the doctor, dental instruments and equipment. Our pediatric dentists are constantly improving their knowledge in the field of child psychology and we provide each child with a special treatment process in a way that is understandable to them. We have experience of adaptation of children with negative experience of treatment using physical restraint or after carrying out painful manipulations without local anesthesia.

The acquaintance with the doctor begins in the lobby in the play area. Next, we invite a small patient to the operators room, where we show him a variety of tools and dental equipment. During the examination, the child can watch a cartoon which he chooses, and at the end of the visit as a reward receives a small prize.

At the first visit, we conduct an examination and, if necessary, an X-ray examination, discuss with parents a further plan for dental treatment. We also compile an individual prevention program, teach oral hygiene, select hygiene products and give recommendations for healthy eating. We do not recommend complex treatment at the first visit, because this approach reduces the likelihood of further successful treatment without the use of sedation. At the first visit, it is recommended to perform such simple procedures as professional hygienic cleaning and remineralization of enamel. This procedure helps to prepare the child for more difficult work in the oral cavity, is a preventive procedure, and also allows for a full diagnosis.

If parents prefer to stay in the office during treatment, it is very important to follow special rules so that your child’s treatment is as easy and effective as possible. A reminder for parentsIt is important to remember that our common goal is not only to heal the tooth that is bothering you today, but to achieve long-term health of your child’s oral cavity and to form a positive attitude towards dentistry and dental care!

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