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Nitric oxide, also known as “laughing gas”, is a gas that helps anxious children who are afraid of certain dental procedures to relax and receive treatment without stress and discomfort. Effects of nitrous oxide on the body:

  • has a mild analgesic effect, so it helps to perform painful manipulations, such as injecting anesthetic into the gums without pain
  • sedative effect – calms the anxious child
  • mild hypnotic effect – distracts the child from the main unpleasant manipulation

Sedation with nitrous oxide occurs as follows. In the form of a game, the child is asked to put on a mask, through which a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen is fed. The mask has a pleasant smell of fruit, so usually the child does not refuse to use it. Inhaling the mixture of gases, the child gradually relaxes. The mask is on the nose throughout the treatment, while the child’s consciousness is fully preserved: she talks, jokes, laughs, watches a cartoon and at the same time teeth are treated. After 5-10 minutes of treatment, the child returns to his normal normal state.

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