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Philosophy of children’s dental treatment

Despite the fact that the New Smile Dental Clinic is a clinic of aesthetic dentistry, we can call dentistry for children one of the priorities of our work. We treat temporary teeth with the same care as permanent ones, and we do our best to save baby teeth until they change physiologically.

We use the most modern and predictable methods of treatment in pediatric dentistry

We do not use silver nitrate, do not use toxic drugs based on formaldehyde, we use anesthesia and isolation system called rubberdam .

Individual approach to each child

We approach each small patient individually and find the optimal solution to dental problems that is right for your family and your child. At the same time, we adhere to the principle of minimally
invasiveness and maximum effectiveness of treatment. We do not prescribe unnecessary procedures and, just like you, are interested in the fact that after treating the tooth once, you do not have to re-treat it again and again.

European and American protocols for treatment and prevention

It is important for us to keep a child’s teeth healthy! We assess the risk of caries in each child in accordance with the American CAMBRA protocols and select an individual prevention program, which includes hygiene instruction with a selection of individual tools and recommendations for dietary correction. We also determine the need for examination by related specialists and select an individual schedule of professional hygiene and remineralization of your child’s teeth.

Restoration of temporary teeth

For more than 10 years, our doctors have specialized in the field of children’s smile aesthetics, so we can offer you various options for restoring severely damaged teeth in children, such as restorations and crowns, as well as prosthetics of missing teeth with permanent children’s dentures. Thanks to many years of experience and the use of the author’s methods of restoration of temporary teeth, we can safely say that artificial teeth with proper care can serve the child until their physiological change to permanent.

Ability to treat children of any age without anesthesia

We are ready to provide quality dental care to children of all ages. However, we do not insist on treating a child under anesthesia just because the baby is small. We believe that before prescribing any sedation, it is worth assessing the amount of work and characteristics of the child and make an effort and try to carry out treatment in the usual way. We take into account the psycho-emotional features of children’s age and in a child-friendly game form we adapt children to dental treatment. Sometimes we use light sedation with nitrous oxide (laughing gas), as the safest of all types of light sedation used in medicine.

Treatment under general anesthesia

At the same time, we can offer you treatment under general anesthesia, if it is necessary. We understand how worried parents are when it comes to treating a child under anesthesia, which is why we primarily care about the safety of this procedure.
We cooperate with highly qualified teams of pediatric anesthesiologists and our clinic is equipped with all necessary equipment for monitoring the patient. We never prescribe treatment under general anesthesia until the child has undergone certain examinations that will prove the safety of this procedure. The experience and qualifications of our specialists allow us to treat children in general anesthesia with minimal time and guarantee the quality of their work.

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