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Unfortunately, caries in children often occurs at a very early age, when the child is not yet ready to work with a doctor, and intervention may be needed immediately. In such cases, in order to carry out dental treatment at the high quality level and not to harm the psycho-emotional state of the child, we can use medical sleep or general anesthesia.

It is important to understand that the use of medicated sleep is an extreme necessity and we offer this option to patients only in cases where the process of tooth decay can not be stopped otherwise. Treatment in a dream makes it possible to treat a large number of teeth at once with a high quality rate and without stress for the child.


We understand that you, as parents, are most concerned about the safety of this procedure for the child. This issue is also the most important for us! That is why in a medical dream your child will be treated by doctors with extensive practical experience, we work with highly qualified teams of pediatric anesthesiologists, provide state-of-the-art equipment for monitoring vital signs of the heart, lungs and brain. We never prescribe sleep treatment until the child has undergone certain examinations that will prove the safety of this procedure.

We rely on international standards for planning how long a child can be in a state of sedation for dental treatment without adversely affecting their health.

The experience and qualifications of our specialists allow us to treat children in their sleep with minimal time and guarantee the quality of their work

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