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Why does your child need an orthodontist?

Improper occlusion is not only an unaesthetic smile, but also a problem that can eventually lead to premature abrasion of permanent teeth, periodontal disease (gums and ligaments that hold the tooth in the bone) and problems with the temporomandibular joint (severity of wide mouth opening, crunch, joint and muscle pain, headaches).

During the period of active growth, the orthodontist can help direct the growth of the jaws in the right direction, thus preventing complex and long-term treatment in the future. Correction of function in orthodontics always takes place in parallel with the correction of aesthetics, so the course of orthodontic treatment will improve both the aesthetics of the smile and the aesthetics of your child’s face, because the jaw is an integral part of it.

The main tasks of orthodontic treatment of children in the period of temporary and mixed dentition are:
– identify and timely remove bad habits (eg, mouth breathing, finger sucking, improper type of swallowing, etc.) that can adversely affect the growth of the jaws
– install the device to hold the space, if the baby tooth is removed prematurely as a result of inflammation or injury, on time
– influence the direction of growth of the jaws, if necessary, thereby achieving a functional bite and improve the aesthetics of the smile and face
– identify the lack of space for permanent teeth that erupt, and create this place with the help of orthodontic appliances

Often the formation of malocclusion is associated with incorrect posture or diseases of the ENT organs, so the correction of occlusion during active growth is carried out in parallel with an otolaryngologist and osteopath

At New Smile Dental Clinic, we use a variety of orthodontic appliances to help solve the above problems. Devices can be removable and non-removable; on one jaw or on two; those worn only at night or during the day. The design of the device is selected after diagnostic manipulations (analysis of jaw models, X-ray diagnostics and analysis of photos of the face and smile). The device is assigned to each child individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the bite and the child’s willingness to cooperate.

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Pediatric dentistry in Kiev – tips for parents

New Smile pediatric dentistry advises to take care of the oral cavity from the moment the baby has its first tooth. It is very important to keep baby teeth healthy, because the child’s digestion depends on them, they help to properly develop speech skills.

How to teach a child to brush their teeth?

Обучить ребёнка правильной чистке зубов нужно обязательно!

Но что же делать, когда Вы — родитель, сами не знаете правил чистки детских зубов?

First visit to the dentist

Выбираете стоматологию в Киеве для своего первого визита? Мы расскажем вам, как проходит знакомство с клиникой и врачом!

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