First visit to the dentist

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The first visit to the New Smile dental clinic in Kiev is accompanied by a consultation, which is important before any type of treatment.

Dental consultation is necessary so that you can describe to the doctor your complaints or wishes regarding the upcoming treatment or aesthetic rehabilitation.

In turn, the specialist will assess the health of your teeth, gums, muscles and temporomandibular joint and tell you about possible problems.

Most often, for a full consultation and clarification of the treatment plan, an X-ray examination is necessary, which can also be carried out in our dental clinic in the Pechersky district of Kiev.

After talking with you and conducting the examination, the doctor will tell you about the possible options for dental treatment and its approximate cost, taking into account your wishes and the objective situation in the oral cavity.

After your first visit to New Smile, you will stay with us!

The child’s first visit to the dentist

Is it the first time you registered your child at our clinic?

It is important that the first acquaintance with dentistry and all subsequent ones are comfortable for children.

Our pediatric dentists daily improve their knowledge in the field of child psychology and we present to each child an individual treatment process in a form that is understandable for him.

Our acquaintance with children begins in the play waiting area. Then we invite the little patient to the office, where we introduce him to various instruments and dental equipment.

We do not carry out complex treatment on the first visit! Because this approach reduces the likelihood of successful treatment without sedation.

During the examination and treatment, the child chooses and watches the cartoon himself, and at the end of the visit he receives a small prize.

If parents prefer to stay in the office during treatment, then this is possible, but it is very important to adhere to special rules so that the treatment is easy and effective.

The goal of our dentistry is not only to treat the child’s tooth problems , but to get a healthy oral cavity in the child and form a positive attitude towards dentistry!

New Smile takes care of your family’s health!

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