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  • How many veneers do I need?

It depends on the individual clinical situation and the number of teeth that need restoration: 2-4 or more. To create an optimal smile design, we recommend a minimum of 6 veneers on the upper front teeth. This number can be increased to 8-10 if, for example, it is necessary to make a smile more full in lateral sites (at narrowing of a jaw).

To improve / change the color of the teeth, it is desirable to install more veneers – 10-12 on the upper jaw in combination with whitening on the lower jaw.

For a radical change of color (bleach) you need to install 10-12 veneers on the upper jaw and 10-12 on the lower!

  • How long are ceramic veneers manufactured?

The average time for making veneers in the dental laboratory is 10-12 working days. The clinical stage in simple cases lasts 2-3 weeks and consists of 2-3 visits of the patient to the clinic. In complex cases or with a large number of veneers, the clinical stage can increase to 1-2 months

  • What will happen if the veneers do not fit in shape or color?

In our clinic we carry out a stage of testing of temporary veneers that allows to estimate all parameters of aesthetics (form, length, proportions) design of a smile and function (phonetics, chewing). At this stage, we can make adjustments to achieve the desired result and then copy the parameters of the tested prototypes in permanent structures. This provides a predictable result of our work. At the stage of fitting permanent ceramic veneers, we use special test pastes that allow you to see the final color, which, if desired, we can modify using lighter or darker shades of composite cement for fixing. Minimal shape or contour corrections are also possible on already fixed veneers.

  • What will happen if a tooth with veneer hurts?

Teeth with veneers are normal teeth in which part of the enamel is replaced by ceramics, they are treated and restored in the same way as ordinary teeth and continue to function after restoration or treatment!

  • What will happen to veneers in 15-20 years?

Human teeth, like the whole body, wear out over a lifetime. This is a natural process and it is very individual. However, it does not happen that, for example, 15 years have passed and all veneers need to be replaced. Here the situation is like with ordinary teeth that need treatment or restoration in the process of life. Individual teeth with veneers may also need treatment, repair or replacement during operation, but not all at once!

Ceramic veneers, as proven by numerous long-term clinical studies, are one of the most reliable technologies for dental restoration!

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