Caries – principles of treatment in our clinic

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There are several stages in the development of caries – from the stage of a carious spot to a cavity in the tooth, and caries can also have an acute or chronic course.

Depending on the stage and activity of the caries course, the doctor will select an effective treatment option for you.

Our principles of caries treatment are:

  • Minimal interference with healthy tooth tissue. At certain stages of the carious process, we use treatment methods that do not involve the use of a drill, which makes it possible to preserve the natural structure of the tooth as much as possible.
  • Application of modern materials and equipment. Our doctors use a dental microscope to diagnose and control the quality of treatment, be sure to isolate the tooth from the oral cavity using a rubber dam system, use modern composite materials to ensure the most aesthetic and predictable long-term work result.
  • Imitation of the natural appearance of the teeth. Our doctors know how to fill and restore teeth in such a way that it looks aesthetically pleasing and invisible.

You should not hesitate with the treatment of caries!

Eliminate possible problems in time and you will have a healthy and beautiful smile with the New Smile clinic.

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