Pediatric dentistry in Kiev – tips for parents

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Rules of care for children’s teeth

Pediatric dentists recommend caring for the oral cavity from the moment the baby has its first tooth. It is very important to keep baby teeth healthy, because the child’s digestion depends on them, they help to properly develop speech skills. If caries appears on temporary teeth, the probability that permanent teeth will be affected by caries increases threefold. Keep in mind that carious teeth are a source of chronic infection in the body, which can cause allergic conditions and reduced immunity.

Oral care of the newborn

Pediatric dentists recommend caring for your baby’s mouth from the first day of life. Until the teeth erupt, the gums should be wiped, the tongue and the inner surfaces of the cheeks should be wiped with a soft cloth or special wipes to care for the oral cavity. From liquids at this time it is necessary to give only water and breast milk. Never soak nipples in sweet liquids (juices, sweetened water, jams, etc.). The first visit to the dentist should be scheduled after the child turns one year old.

The first teeth can be cleaned with gauze soaked in water or special wipes impregnated with xylitol. When the child has several teeth, you can start brushing with a regular toothbrush. And it’s best to do it in game form.

Choosing a toothbrush for your baby

This main accessory for brushing children’s teeth should be chosen very carefully. First of all, you should pay attention to the bristles, they should be soft and made of synthetic material. Natural hairs have channels where bacteria begin to accumulate.

The working surface of the brush should not be large and rubberized to protect the baby’s gums from injury during cleaning. It is desirable that the child himself participated in the choice of brush. It is recommended to change it every 3 months.

As soon as the child calmly perceives noise and vibration, instead of the usual brush it is possible to use an electric sound brush as it perfectly clears teeth of a plaque and well massages a gum surface.

Choosing toothpaste for children

First of all, the pasta should be harmless, because the child can swallow it. Children under 6 are recommended to buy a paste that contains fluoride, because it has been proven that fluorides are the most effective in preventing tooth decay. Children under 3 years of age should squeeze a paste the size of a rice grain on a brush, from three to six years – half a pea, after 6 years – with a pea.

Pastes with calcium or hydroxyapatite are recommended for small children living in regions with high fluoride content in water.

Also one of the active components of toothpastes is xylitol, which adversely affects the reproduction of cariogenic microorganisms.

Rules for brushing a child’s teeth

It is necessary to show the child how to brush his teeth properly, but according to the recommendations of the American Association of Pediatric Dentists, parents have up to 12 years to brush their child’s teeth. Brush movements should be “sweeping”, without a horizontal direction. The duration of the procedure is at least two minutes. To teach your baby to do this cleaning, you can use a timer or hourglass, then a mandatory and not very interesting procedure for her will be a game.

You can use modern technology in the form of special applications on a smartphone, which in the form of games teach children how to brush their teeth. There are also “indicator” pills that paint teeth in different colors depending on their “contamination”. Dark colors indicate that the teeth in this place are not very carefully cleaned.

At what age to start visiting the dentist

If a baby sucks on a pacifier, drinks liquid from a bottle, bites his nails, puts a pen under his cheek while sleeping, bites pencils, has mouth breathing or sleeps with his mouth open, this can cause a bad bite. After 3 years, she should be weaned from such bad habits, and if you suspect a curvature of the teeth should immediately visit a pediatric orthodontist.

You should first see a pediatric dentist when your child is one year old, and even better when your child has his or her first tooth. In order for the baby not to have a negative impression from the first visit to the dentist, it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of pediatric dentist in Kiev. You need to know that caries can occur when the first baby teeth appear. Its main features: loss of enamel gloss; matte tooth color; rough enamel surface; violation of the structure of the enamel; the appearance of white-yellow or dark spots on the teeth The highest probability of caries in those children who do not follow the basic rules of oral hygiene and eat a lot of sweets. If caries is suspected, you should immediately consult a pediatric dentist to save the child’s teeth. Removal of deciduous teeth is very undesirable, as neighboring teeth begin to shift to the “empty” place. Over time, this can cause the permanent tooth to grow unevenly because its place will be taken. Therefore, it is extremely important to prevent and treat caries, not to get rid of it by removing the tooth. Using a quality toothbrush and toothpaste, regular and proper brushing, restriction of light carbohydrates in the child’s diet will help keep baby teeth healthy and relieve babies from toothache. See more: pediatric dentistry in Kiev

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