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Caries and its complications (pulpitis, periodontitis) are diseases that are very common in the oral cavity in children. In our clinic, there are single treatment protocols that meet several principles. Reliability
  • We carry out all painful manipulations under anesthesia: it is very difficult for the child to endure pain and if he does not have to endure it, it allows to remove all carious fabrics and to carry out treatment qualitatively.
  • We use the system of ribs to isolate the tooth from saliva, which allows you to maintain sterility and dryness during the treatment of root canals or tooth fillings
  • We use materials and methods that are recognized by the International Association of Pediatric Dentistry (IAPD) and tested by many years of personal experience as the safest and most effective for the treatment of children’s teeth.
  • We control the quality of treatment and its long-term results by macro-mode photography and X-ray diagnostics
Minimum invasiveness
  • We use caries treatment methods without a drill
  • We use modern biocompatible materials for the treatment of pulpitis, which allow you to leave the tooth alive
  • We do not use arsenic and formaldehyde-based preparations
  • we do not use the method caries treatment with silver nitrate
  • we have more than 10 years of experience in the restoration of severely damaged temporary teeth with composite
  • we replace defects from prematurely removed teeth with aesthetic fixed dentures
  • we were the first in Ukraine to use pediatric zirconia crowns as the most reliable and aesthetic option for the restoration of damaged temporary teeth
No matter how difficult the treatment and clinical case may seem, we will always be able to find ways to solve the problem and offer you the best solution. Our common goal is your healthy child and we will help you achieve this goal!
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