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What is the dental hygienic procedure at the New Smile Dental Clinic unique?

The procedure of professional hygiene is performed not just by a hygienist, but by a specialist – a periodontist. Therefore, an integral part of your visit will be an examination of periodontal tissues – a screening test, the purpose of which is a preliminary assessment of the condition of the gums and tissues that hold the tooth (periodontium). This is an extremely important procedure, because the detection of periodontal disease in the early stages can stop the inflammatory process and maintain the health of your teeth and gums. The results of this test help to choose an individual program for the prevention or treatment of periodontal disease. If you have healthy tissues around your teeth, or just gingivitis, then all you need is a standard professional hygiene procedure at least once every six months. If the doctor finds the presence of areas where the tooth loses its retaining elements, then it is necessary to undergo a course of specialized periodontal treatment to stop this process.

We make sure to monitor the quality of our work with plaque indicators.
The next step after screening is plaque staining. A special indicator paints the plaque in three different colors, depending on its age, which allows you to identify areas that the patient is most difficult to clean at home and adjust the technique of brushing teeth. Also, the visualization of plaque significantly improves the quality of the doctor’s work and you can be sure that as a result of professional hygiene your teeth will be absolutely clean.

We do not use powders for the Air flow device based on soda, because they are aggressive towards enamel and gums.
After applying the indicator, the actual procedure of removing plaque and tartar begins, which includes:

·       Removal of hard plaque (tartar) with an ultrasonic scaler;
·       Cleaning of hard-to-reach areas with special hand tools – curettes;
·       Treatment of teeth and interdental spaces with a spray of water and powder based on calcium bicarbonate or glycine (Airflow);
·       Polishing teeth with professional toothpaste.
Modern clinical equipment and the use of the best materials on the dental market, allows each stage of professional oral hygiene to be as comfortable and painless as possible for the patient.

We teach the correct technique of brushing teeth and select individual means of oral care. At the end of the procedure, the doctor must teach you the proper technique of brushing your teeth at home, provide comprehensive recommendations and help you choose individual means for home oral care.

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