Our philosophy

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Our philosophy is the concept of “complete dentistry” – all components of the dental system (teeth, soft tissues, bone structures, muscles and joints) are connected and balanced for perfect functioning. We see the big picture through clinical analysis of balanced components and comprehensively integrate functional and aesthetic parameters in the process of implementing a treatment plan!

Simply, we care not only about the health of our teeth and gums, but also about the dental system as a whole – chewing, talking and smiling comfortably!

Our principles of dental treatment are:

predictability of the result of aesthetic rehabilitation – the use of virtual modeling of the smile “DSD”, wax diagnostic modeling, diagnostic “mock-up”. This is an opportunity to see the final result of aesthetic treatment / prosthetics before starting any work in the oral cavity!
functional analysis and occlusion diagnostics in the articulator – determining the functional state of occlusion and physiology or pathological component of jaw movements during the masticatory function. If necessary, we correct and balance the bite to ensure comfortable physiological movements of the jaws during chewing.
minimally invasive interventions – we use treatment techniques that are the least traumatic to the teeth, gums and soft tissues of the oral cavity
the use of advanced technologies, materials and equipment in the process of treatment and aesthetic rehabilitation

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