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Treatment of the inflammatory process in the pulp and tissues behind the tip of the tooth (periodontium) is an important part of the daily practice of our endodontists.

Qualitative treatment of root canals is impossible without the use of a microscope. The root canal system has a very diverse anatomy and is individual to each patient, so finding them in the tooth cavity without good lighting and enlargement of the operating field is very difficult. In our clinic during the treatment of root canals we use a microscope of the German brand CJ Optic. The main advantages of the microscope are high-quality illumination, which increases the accuracy of all procedures, as well as significant optical magnification, which makes it possible to detect anatomical features of root canals, as well as remnants of filling material during treatment, broken instruments or perforations or cracks in the tooth.

The use of a microscope is necessary for:

  • primary treatment of root canals – this makes it possible to find all the available root canals in the tooth and clean them from inflamed pulp
  • re-treatment of canals due to the presence of an inflammatory process at the apex of the root, which allows you to remove the remnants of filling material or necrotized pulp from the root canals
  • removal of previously broken tools from the root canals
  • detection and closure of perforations in the tooth with biocompatible material
  • diagnosis of cracks
  • diagnostics of latent carious cavities

Root canal treatment is a difficult job, but with modern equipment in the clinic and high professionalism of doctors we can solve problems in difficult cases and keep your teeth healthy.

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