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Ceramic veneers – thin ceramic veneers on the front surface of the teeth to improve their color, shape, position. Veneers as a new “ceramic enamel” are monolithically connected with the tooth tissues, strengthen it and provide a reliable long-term aesthetic result.

Advantages of ceramic veneers

  • high level of aesthetics and natural appearance of teeth
  • minimal dental treatment, preservation of dental tissues, in some cases it is possible to install veneers without dental treatment!
  • strengthening the structure of the tooth due to the monolithic connection with the enamel
  • stability of color and shape preservation in comparison with composite restorations
  • possibility of restoration of veneers or treatment of a tooth with preservation of veneer
  • Long term success – 15-20 years

Indications for the restoration of teeth with veneers:

  • tooth surface microdefects, white / brown spots (fluorosis, hypoplasia)
  • abrasion of teeth, erosion of enamel. Old worn out restorations
  • unsatisfactory shape, color and position of teeth in many cases are easily corrected with veneers
  • desire to completely change the design of the smile

Clinical stages in the manufacture of ceramic veneers in our clinic

  • The first visit is a consultation where we discuss with the patient his clinical situation (complaints, wishes), conduct a clinical examination, photo diagnostics and do a digital scan or get prints for diagnostic models. In some cases, we order a wax or digital diagnostic modeling (creation of a design project for future veneers) after the first visit to conduct a diagnostic test “mock-up” during the next visit.
  • During the second visit we present a preliminary treatment plan with a virtual imitation of future veneers (digital smile design) and in some cases make a diagnostic test “mock-up” – with the help of special plastic we make test veneers in the mouth without teeth treatment, it allows you to physically assess the design of the future smile. Next, the estimate of the selected treatment plan and the schedule of visits are agreed, after which we order a wax or digital diagnostic modeling, if this was not done after the first visit.
  • In the next visit the teeth are treated with veneers and temporary veneers are made – prototypes that allow you to assess the shape, proportions and function of future veneers and smile design in general! At this stage, if necessary, we make adjustments that should fully satisfy the patient, and conduct a “test drive” of veneer prototypes for several days to several weeks, depending on the clinical situation.
  • Then we get impressions or digitally scan the treated teeth and agreed / tested temporary veneers to order permanent ceramic veneers in the dental laboratory
  • In 10-12 days we receive ready veneers from the laboratory and carry out their fitting and permanent fixation.

What is the cost of ceramic veneers?

Often patients do not understand why the price of veneers can differ significantly in different clinics. And this is true, and the price does not depend much on the ceramic material used.

First of all, the cost of veneers is influenced by the specialization and reputation of the clinic and the level of the dental laboratory where ceramic veneers are ordered!

Clinical thinking, accurate diagnosis, optimal planning and high-quality manual manipulation are the professional level of a dentist to whom you have entrusted your teeth! Our specialists are constantly improving by taking specialized courses and master classes, thus increasing the level of clinical skills!

Of course, this is the use of high-quality materials and technologies tested and recommended by world experts!

This is a team effort – which is the effective interaction of the patient, dentist and dental technician!

Our clinic has more than 20 years of experience in aesthetic dentistry and the use of ceramic veneers and crowns and we are one of the best in this field!

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